Bitten off more than I can chew….

well its clear that for my first local investigation for edinburgh college assesment, was waaaaaay too big for me and I could have researched for years. What I did find is that there is an overall view that drugs education can work slightly, proving that the interactive classes are more productive. After speaking to my […]

“My mum forgets about me when she drinks”

I stumbled across the above quote when investigating charities that offer support and advice for children being raised in an environment which clearly isn’t healthy.  Which lead me to a few charities in Edinburgh which I have links below for. In 2013 it was reported that 53% of concerns raised for children on the Child […]

Feeling slightly deflated…but have a plan!

After firing out my questionnaires, I was reminded that i require permission for the children to fill out the sheet in order for me to collate the answers for my investigation.  Therefore I have made the decision to ask a social worker who shall remain anonymous. I would like honest and open answers from her […]

Questions questions….

Have made a questionnaire for children under 18 to fill out anonymously so I can collate the answers and hopefully get an honest and interesting answer.  Also have made one for some workers I know that work with children.  I shall post a copy of both of them in my next post.

National Statistics Trends in Substance use among children 2015

Well the obvious statement of Drugs are bad….we are all aware of this through basic schooling and parenting.  But what do our kids actually get taught in class?? I am interested as can rarely remember my own education at school.  So I looked at the Scottish Government website so that I can see their structure […]