Subjects and stuff……

I will be sharing on this page what other subjects I am learning as part of the Prep for Social Sciences. Currently alongside the local investigation I study, Sociology, Modern studies, Media Studies, Numeracy, Communication, ICT  and finally my two favourite subjects….Psychology and Criminology!!

I will be sharing links to appropriate sites and pics/films that I feel are interesting to not only myself but hopefully you can enjoy them too!! And they will all be based around the subjects I am studying.

Personal, I have also been successful in my audition for a part in a 12 episode Web Series and attend the workshops weekly with fellow cast members. I have worked with the director Garry Fraser before many many years ago on a short film called Tolerance when he was also attending Granton Campus of Edinburgh College and I was living nearby. I had never acted in front of cameras before so was a fantastic experience for me. He asked me recently to audition for his current project The Grey Area and since then I have been fortunate to be part of such an awesome idea and have met some lovely lovely people! Currently we are shooting the trailer to source the funding for the series and I hope and pray that Garry and ourselves show enough raw talent to secure the funding. Garry was fortunate enough to work with Danny Boyle and Irvine Welsh as 2nd Director on the recently filmed Trainspotting2 so I am sure some one will be nice enough to throw lots of cash at our project so we can produce probably one of the most REAL drama to come out of Edinburgh……and that’s all am saying for now….it’s all a secret !!!!

Watch “‘Tolerance’ Trailer – Directed by Garry Fraser” on YouTube