Interview with an Edinburgh Social Worker about children and drugs!

|After my chat with an Edinburgh Council Social Worker, the answers I seeked were answered and also a personal view on the subject as she is a mother herself of a teenager.  So i was able to get a professional view and a mothers view also.

As a professional she agreed that the current teachings on the misuse of drugs and alcohol clearly were not working as a prevention.  She did think that the workshops that are presented by charities and other bodies seemed to work a lot better as these were interactive and got the kids involved and also gave them the chance to try glasses on that gave them the feeling like they were under the influence of a substance.  Therefore it kind of gave them the experience of being out of control and hopefully will put them off trying anything.  She also agreed that it should be parents responsibility to teach their kids about drugs.  But that not all parents have enough education to pass on.

I like her vue


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