“My mum forgets about me when she drinks”

I stumbled across the above quote when investigating charities that offer support and advice for children being raised in an environment which clearly isn’t healthy.  Which lead me to a few charities in Edinburgh which I have links below for.

In 2013 it was reported that 53% of concerns raised for children on the Child Protection Register were drugs and alcohol related.*

Pursuing the education done in mainstream schools in Edinburgh., I have decided to interview a Social Worker who shall remain anonymous.  I want to get her views on the current and past education tactics.  I feel she will be an ideal interviewee as she has worked in the system for many years and always working with children.


I also thought about children that maybe are not at school for whatever reason or the 16 year olds that leave school and think they are ready for the big scary world.  So I decided to look for bodies or charities that offer support and advice on drug use.

I found the following places that are set in Edinburgh and will be investigating their methods.

Crewe 2000                                                      http://www.crew2000.org.uk/   01312203404


Crew philosophy

We neither condemn nor condone drug use but believe there are ways to reduce harm for the significant numbers of our fellow citizens who decide to use them.

Around since 1992 and still going strong, the above is a fantastic place for all ages to even drop in or contact for advice.

Ear acupuncture available.

  The Junction                                                     http://the-junction.org/

The Junction is a safe, friendly, confidential centre which offers lots of health-related services, education and support for young people in Leith and North East Edinburgh aged 12-21.


*Source http://www.gov.scot.com



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