National Statistics Trends in Substance use among children 2015

Well the obvious statement of Drugs are bad….we are all aware of this through basic schooling and parenting.  But what do our kids actually get taught in class?? I am interested as can rarely remember my own education at school.  So I looked at the Scottish Government website so that I can see their structure is, and stumbled over A National Statistics publication for Scotland.  This showed that in 2015, 42% of 15 year olds and 19% of 13 year olds had been offered drugs. This is an increase of 5% for both age groups since 2013.  There is also an increase in a proportion who say they would find it relatively easy to obtain drugs if they wanted to. Although between 2013-2015 drug use prevalence has remained stable, with a small increase as mentioned in a previous blog of 15yr old boys.

Use of new psychoactive substances (legal highs) was low (hooray).  5% of 15yr olds reporting using the substances and 2% reporting use of  legal highs in the last month.

In 2015 80% of 15yr olds and 95% of 13yr olds were not regukar users of any substances. This shows a vast majority.


Note, Figures obtained produced in report in accordance with professional standards set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics


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