Drugs Education??More like a daily routine!!

As far as I can remember about school drugs education is literally zero. My education was though through experience and without saying too much drugs and alcohol was part of my life from day one. A heroin addict for a father and a struggling single mum as a mother. I remember seeing my uncle sniff white powder from a windowsill and when I recalled this memory I mentioned it to my mum. She said I was no older than 3. I thought this was unbelievable as I could describe everything about the house and room down to even what my Uncle  Phillip was wearing. But it’s stuck in my head and other memories about seeing drug use around me from a very young age. My auntie Joyce was caught trying to teach me how to “skin up” at the age of 2 and was supposedly laughing as I carried a tray through to my mum. Cigarette papers messily stuck together and happy to be doing something with my Auntie Joyce said my mum, she was not happy and took the tray from me when I asked her for her “special tobacco ” which I now know was hash.  I am told that when I was younger I used to ask my mum if it was her “smoking friends” coming up this evening to visit. So from a very young age I was clearly aware of drugs and them being something that you hide or is for only certain people. I was told of the day my mum decided to leave my dad was the day that I picked up a Bic pen which had come apart.I supposedly handed it to my mum and said “thats what Daddy sticks in his arm!” To this day I have no recollection of seeing my dad inject heroin. Although I did see him out of his face and remember him falling asleep sitting up which I now realise was him on heroin. I hate the term but let’s be honest here…he was gouching!

I will reveal more about my personal life as I feel I have good knowledge about drugs and the consequences the bare down on the families involved. Hence I have to say that none of the above adults I mentioned are alive and all died due to an AIDS related illness caught by sharing needles in the early 80’s. These are my family members my aunt, uncle and unfortunately my dad who died at the age of 44, when I was 20.


RIP Joyce Phillip and Dad

Also uncle Ross and of course their Mum, my Nana, the warmest generous loving woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing xx


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