Finally finished filming trailer for The Grey Area 

Well after months of improvisation workshops and location shoots we have finally finished the trailer for the Web Series The Grey Area. I have been lucky to see the rough copy of the final trailer and I am so excited to see if we do receive the funding required to make this Series happen.  Unfortunately the trailer is only available to the cast and the Executive Producers and of course the Director Garry Fraser. I had a notification on Tuesday morning that it was available on the secret page for crew and cast members. When I watched it I had goosebumps and it was that enticing I really felt like I wanted to watch more and find out what happens even though I know the plot!! I am very lucky to have worked on this film project as it reflects some issues that happen when people are miseducated or uneducated about drugs and alcohol abuse.  The main storyline is following 6 members of a rehabilitation group for addicts and how their actions have affected other family members. It coinsides with  what I am investigating as I have the chance to talk to people who are drug and alcohol abusers , or have been and are now in recovery and listen to their story about their lifestyle and how they got into the lifestyle of drugs and it is unbelievable how many were from different backgrounds, lifestyles and upbringing. Which is showing me that so much more  must be done to educate kids and parents about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

I had a photoshoot yesterday which is for the title of the trailer and was nerve racking but good fun!!if I am allowed after new year I will post some pics and hopefully some snippets of the trailer.  You can follow our progress at @TheGreyAreaTV or on our Facebook page.


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