Drug related deaths in Scotland statistics blow my mind!!!

After waiting humbly for responses to my emails to council and other charities I decided to investigate myself some of the statistics of drug related deaths. I just stumbled across a television programme previously  called”Drugs Map of Britain” as there was an episode that caught my eye as the information read “Scotland battle with Valium”.  To be honest it was soul destroying to watch Levi a 29yr old addict from Dundee waste his life away as the journalist and camera crew followed his life for a few months. What interested me was that when he was asked how old he was when he started he said he was 11years old!! He then explained that his mother had been  prescribed them and had asked her what they were to which she replied “aw they are just your mothers little helpers son”. As to be expected Levi tried one of his mums tablets and from that day forth he was addicted!! He looked way beyond his 29 years and watching the footage of him completely wasted on valium broke my heart as for once I didn’t judge him and think be was a typical drug addiction.  I actually felt sorry for him! He was never educated about the risks and clearly had no discipline or guidance at home. He did mention a few times that he would love to come off the Valium but the withdrawal effects were too harsh. I was glad he had a Drugs Worker  and she seemed genuinly concerned about him as he was taking the fake Valium that are bought on the streets and  not prescribed so God only know what what he was actually putting into his system but I doubt he will live past 40 if has chosen to continue his lifestyle. I don’t want to look into it as I would be sad if I found  out he had passed away. This programme only highlighted that the lack of drugs education  can have an absolutely massive impact on someone’s, bound to be short, life.

 The statistics that shocked me was that the record drugs related deaths linked with diazepam is 75%!! Whereas it’s is a mere 11% in England and Wales!!!! 

This shows Scotland has a massive abuse of Valium/Diazepam on their hands and I will certainly be investigating  what is being done about this from Police Scotland, Scottish and English Governments. 


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