Midlothian Council upstep Drugs Education in Schools!

Further to my last post, about the unfortunate death of 16 yr old Shellie Callaghan, 3 people have  been charged with the Misuse of Drugs Act. Police Scotland have now issues a drugs warning following the teenagers death, and now following a line of inquiry into “Ecstasy type tablets”known as Red Bugatti and Purple Ninja Turtles.

I am saddened that the police only put a warning about these deadly pills FOLLOWING the teens death, but days before hand I had personally seen a warning about them on Facebook, so Police Scotland must have been aware of these tablets before the death of Shellie.  Police Scotland are not to blame for her death but if any warnings are online about “fake,dodgy,deadly” tablets then they must react and get a warning out!

Midlothian Council are upstepping their education message in school about drugs, as drugs charities warned of a spike in the super potent Ecstasy tablets.

The three arrested are expected to appear at Edinburgh Sherrif Court on Tuesday.

Back to the Local Investigation I am still waiting on a responses from the schools that I emailed last week, although it is October Break so I am not expecting a prompt reply.  I am going to write-up a questionnaire that I need for the Workers and Youths that I need to collect opinions from. I am interested how much the schools give in education but also how they do it. Personally I remember a barbaric viewing of a woman giving birth on VHS cassette shown to us all in Primary 6! Reflecting back I never learned anything about sex or drugs from primary school.  In High School it was different and more an interactive lesson, we were allowed to be open and honest and discuss what we “knew” about drugs and alcohol. Never once can I think of a time when we were educated on the side effects and or the lasting effects such as Mental Health problems though!

Scottish Drugs Forum spokesperson has stated the average strength of ecstasy tablets has “significantly increased” over the last couple of years.

We have to not look at the drugs but look at the reason our children want to experiment with substances that they know can be fatal??





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