First thing I seen this morning broke my heart…..but put fire in my belly

Opening my tablet this morning on my daily scroll through Facebook, was absolutely gutted to stumble across a story of Scottish schoolgirl Shellie Callaghan whom this weekend fatally indulged in some ecstasy tablets.  She was 16 years old!!! It is heartbreaking and only shows that my local investigation is a very hot topic at the moment. I am hoping this recent tragedy will open doors to new information for me, or it could go the other way and doors are shut. Who is to blame for this death? School?parents?or Shellie herself? Did she have the knowledge about drugs from school and or parents and choose to misadventure anyways or was shown uneducated and thought she would be fine??? This has given me another angle to look at my investigation. I would like to hear from parents who have nearly lost their kids to drugs, or have indeed lost their beloved ones. I would be interested to see what level of drugs education they had at the time.


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