Welcome to my wee blog. I wish to take you on my journey of being at Edinburgh  College learning about Social Sciences! The in’s and outs of the subjects studied, a catalogue of my work and findings as I progress. I will mostly be covering a Local Investigation project which is to be handed in at the end of the year. I would like to find out exactly how much education on responsible drug and alcohol use our kids receive through mainstream schools. Also what other support is available in Edinburgh for under 18’s experiencing drug misuse personally or within  the household. Plus for kids who are inquisitive….and trust me they all are!! No matter what background or social class they are from our children must be educated properly in order to stop any further damage and deaths caused by misuse. As a mother of a teenager it is also a very personal investigation. Fortunately we have a fantastic relationship and we are very open and honest with each other, which actually sparked the idea of actually finding out what our education system is doing to educate our children on the misuse of drugs and alcohol. My son has told me stories that would break any parents heart. Stories of 14 year old girls taking ecstacy tablets in the local park and literally being so out of it that they don’t know what they are doing!! This has to stop!